Having a yard sale? Better look at this first.

Feb 10th, 2014 By: News KGRT 570
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Yard and Garage Sales Must Follow Rules 

Residents of Las Cruces who plan on hosting a garage or yard sale are reminded that the city has ordinances regulating the frequency of such sales and posting of signs that advertise them. 

Whether they’re called yard, garage, rummage, tag or moving sales – or by any other name – such sales are allowed to be held for no more than four days and no more than three times per calendar year at any one location. 

If the sale is held at a business or other property not used mainly for residential or institutional purposes, a temporary-use permit must be obtained from the city. 

The city also has an ordinance in place that attempts to curb the amount of litter, and potential traffic risks, that may result from improperly placed signs. Signs for such sales are permitted only on private properties and only with the property owner’s permission. 

It is against city ordinance to place signs on roadways, sidewalks, medians and shoulders, or affixed to light poles, stop signs, fire hydrants or on any other public property. Violations of the city’s sign ordinances can result in a fine of $500 or incarceration up to 90 days. 

The Codes Enforcement office, part of the Las Cruces Police Department, also reminds residents to remove legally placed signs immediately once the sale is over. Besides being unsightly and a form of litter, signs that blow into roadways could become a traffic hazard for motorists. Those who leave signs posted for longer durations can be cited for littering. 

For questions contact the Codes Enforcement office at (575) 528-4100.



This ordinance is designed to penalize the low to moderate income people of our community since they are mostly the ones having yard sales to try to supplement their meager incomes. If you are going to enforce this type of law, then make it all across the board and not allow real estate signs, or sandwich boards in front of businesses, or political ones especially since they clutter corners and yards all over the city! People really should start paying attention to who they vote in office; don't vote for someone based on their looks, age, gender, or name alone, learn what they stand for, what they believe in, etc.

Mary      04/16/2014 12:12 pm